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HOWTO: Visit Jonathan

Hereby the official How To Visit Jonathan In Stellenbosch.

First of all, we need to get to Stellenbosch. Use this map to get you there.

This map shows vaguely what Stellenbosch looks like once you're here.

However, once you're in Stellenbosch, you need to find me. If it's between 8am and 5pm between Monday and Friday, I'm at work. That is at Adept Internet, at 20 Plein Street, on the corner of Plein and Ryneveld. We're above Cafe Nouveau, on the second floor of the NPK Gebou. If it's still quite early evening, I might still be at work, otherwise I will probably be at home, at 60 Jonkershoek Road.

This map shows Stellenbosch in more detail, with a couple of landmarks marked in, including where Adept's offices are. On this one, you can see where my flat is - the blue and red blob in the bottom right corner.

Update: Plus, a map of the wineroutes, broken into one for Greater Simonsberg, Stellenbosch Berg, Helderburg, Stellenbosch Hills, and Bottelary.