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The Eagles - Hotel California

I had to share a room with Petrus, which, I must confess, was not pleasant. He snores like a steam engine, and I have video footage to prove it. He also sets his alarm for 7am, so that he can get up and play Civilization on his new laptop. Now, maybe it's just me, but I think it's a bit antisocial to set an alarm when you're sharing a room, especially if you're only setting it so that you can play games.

We spent most evenings drinking Jack Daniels ($20 a bottle), and playing bridge, in Jac and Gideon's room. The hotel is a pleasant place, the indians who run it are really nice people. I enjoy hotels - the beds are comfortable, and the facilities are looked after, and you really just don't need to care about anything. You wake up, shower, and leave, and when you come back, the place is spotless, the bed is made, and you can roll into bed and pass out.

You wake up in the morning, and breakfast is made. In California, we had the choice of bagels and cream cheese (I really like this as a breakfast. A bagel is like a doughnut, but not sweet and soft - it's much harder bread. You can toast them and whack the cream cheese on. It's good), and cereal, and waffles, and cake stuff (Americans all eat cake for breakfast! What the hell?), and toast. And coffee. It's just really enjoyable. I suppose I've never really stayed in hotels before. I like it.

We stayed at another hotel in Washington DC, whose name I forget. This place was huge. It was a proper hotel, like you see in the movies, and all, yes? The beds had a little gadget you could use to adjust how soft/hard the mattress was! I mean, come on.