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Red Christmas

I've kinda held off blogging for a bit, because I wanted to properly finish writing about California, but then I just didn't have the time or energy. I had so many song titles to use, too! Ah, well. Sometime, when I get round to it, I will write up one of the seminars that I went to at ISPCon, though - I found it interesting.

It's the day after Boxing Day, which should be a public holiday, if the government were playing by UK pool rules, but nooo, they don't carry public holidays. Pah. I'm waiting for Tom and his girlfriend Michelle to come down to Stellenbosch for dinner. I haven't seen him since about 2002, and I'm really looking forward to it.

Christmas was, well, Christmas. The usual, you know. For New Years, I'm going up to Joburg to see Tim and the Family girls, which I am really looking forward to. Some of the Family girls were down a week or so ago, actually, and we went wine tasting and Out in Cape Town, which was excellent.

Anyway, just checking in. If you watch this space, and if I have time, you might get to see me ponder about the Corporation Part Two, Religion, Narrative and Identity, and AliceBot. But I doubt it.