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We'll see.

Maybe you and her can go to Mike's Kitchen together.
And have a themed birthday.
And have Bubblegum Milkshakes.
And get some clown to make you animal shapes from balloons.
And then you and her can promise to get married when you move out from your respective parents' homes.
And maybe become Blood Buddies.
Until she goes off to another school across town.
And meets up with a rugby player called Biff.
Who has a license.
And has a brother that's old enough to buy beer.
And then you'll be cross.
And you'll throw your bicycle down some stairs.
And drink so much Cherry Cola that you throw up.
All over yourself.
Then you'll see her and Biff and Biff's brother Chuck.
Driving down the main road.
Laughing the carefree laugh.
Of drunk people in love.
Then we'll see.

(With thanks to Shane Wentzel.)