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Status Update

Just an update on where I am and what I'm doing. I am no longer working at Adept Internet - I have moved to OpenVoice, and today was my first day.

Adept is based in Stellenbosch, but OpenVoice's offices are in Millenium Park in Century City. As a result, I am moving from Stellenbosch to Cape Town, and I'm renting a place in Kenilworth - this means that I'm swimming upstream mostly, when I drive to and from work. I haven't actually moved house yet - I only signed the lease on Saturday. I spent last night in the Rondebosch Safehouse, and will probably stay in Stellenbosch tonight. I'll move sometime in the next week or so, although Megan's single main request for her holiday in Cape Town this week is that she spend some time in Stellenbosch. I'm taking Thursday off work (my fourth day, I know!), so that should be fine.

Today started off with insomnia, and then lost car keys. I left home at 7am ("Leave early", they said. "You don't want to be late on your first day", they said) and got to work at 7:25am. Everybody else rocked up at about 8:45am, which meant that I had a solid hour and twenty minutes to get really well acquainted with the parking lot at our offices. (It's a very nice parking lot, by the way.)

This job seems interesting, with a nice environment, and lots of opportunity, and I'm looking forward to it. In addition, I now get to live in the Mother City proper, about which I am very excited. Onward, 2007!