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Doing the Cape

We in the cape were recently graced by a visit from Megan (say it with me, Meeeee-gan, gotta pronounce it right), and it fell upon me to entertain her for some of her stay. I wanted to make the most of her time here, so I decided to see if we could cover as much as the Cape offered. As it turns out, the beautiful Western Cape came through with flying colours.

After picking Megan up from the centre of town after work on the Wednesday, we went through to Kenilworth so I could show her my new house, and had a drink at Banana Jam while we were there. From there, we drove to Stellenbosch, and had dinner at the Mystic Boer, which Megan thought was fantastic, and where we were joined by Tania for a bit.

On Thursday morning, we went down the road to Lanzerac, where we had breakfast - R95 for a buffet of the most fantastic food, in the most beautiful surroundings. From there, we moved on to my favourite wine farm, L'Avenir, where Megan bought some Chardonnay that she thought was great. After that, we visited Asara for another set of tasting, before leaving Stellenbosch.

On leaving Stellenbosch, we avoided the N2, and instead drove down the R310 (Baden Powell Drive), along the coast to Muizenberg. This is a very beautiful stretch of road that runs along the beach for some distance, past False Bay, occasionally wild and windswept, and very pretty. We ended up in Kalk Bay, and had a nice calamari lunch at the Brass Bell, before driving on down the coast towards Cape Point.

We actually got as far as the Cape Point park gates, but we decided not actually to go into the park, and instead turned around and drove up along the Chapman's Peak drive, round past Hout Bay, to Llandudno and Camps Bay. This drive is absolutely stunning - a twisting road that winds round the mountain, overlooking the Atlantic ocean. There are a few downsides, such as a tollgate and the potential for large rocks to fall on your head, but apart from those, it's a lovely experience.

After tea in Rondebosch, we went to dinner at Anatoli's in the Cape Quarter, which was a very interesting experience. It's a Turkish restaurant, with a lot of atmosphere, and Genuine Turkish Dudes as the waiters. The starters are mezze, which they bring to you on a huge tray covered in little bowls of Stuff, and you pick a couple. For mains, they have several dishes which they've cooked up, along the theme of lamb, chicken, beef, rice, kebab, sort of thing, and you can go and have a look at them and pick a helping of whatever bubbles the best. Anyway, it was a nice evening, wrapping up a pretty perfect day.

The rest of Megan's stay involved other Cape Town delights: A Wild West party in a house overlooking District Six and the Bay, a walk up Signal Hill, a nap in the afternoon, and all-you-can-eat sushi at Sushi Zone in Observatory on Saturday night. Easter Sunday saw us having a picnic in Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, and everything wrapped up with a nice meal at Cafe Paradiso on Kloof Street on Monday night before Megan left.

In summary, Cape Town, the most beautiful of cities, surprised even me by what it had to offer, and I think I enjoyed the week almost as much as Megan did. I wouldn't live anywhere else for anything.

Solid photographic evidence was obtained everywhere that we went...