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That Key

I didn't bother blogging the 09-F9 key when the rest of the global intarnets were going bos about it, because, well, the rest of the global intarnets were going bos about it. However, I've been asked what my favicon is:


I gave a brief description of what the 09-F9 key is in my last post. I also described how posting the key on my website, as follows:

09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0
makes me a violator of the DMCA, and thus naughty in the eyes of American law. However, a lot of questions arose during the whole debacle. One of them was that, since simply posting a piece of text containing the number is illegal, would it not also be illegal to post an image of the number? What about a song whose lyrics contained the number? What if you encoded the number and made it into an image? Are all of these things also suddenly illegal, because the AACSLA picked that number and said "it's ours"?

To return to the point, the insightful among you will have gathered that my favicon is an encoding of the 09-F9 key. The top half of the key is a binary encoding of the numbers: each black block is a zero, each white one is a one, and they form the binary representation of each number in the key. The bottom half of the key is what you get if you take each part of the key as a colour index, and band that colour across the image. I just thought it was cute, and made it my favicon. It's not the most attractive icon, and I'll probably get bored of it after a while, but there you have it.