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Drupal anti-spam

Lazyweb, O, lazyweb, I call out to thee in my hour of need. I installed the spam and trackback modules for drupal, and to the outside observer, my blog is nicely spam-free. However, I get about fifty spam comments and spam trackbacks a day, which get trapped in the approval queue, and I have to manually wade through cialis and porn adverts/links to see if there are any real comments/trackbacks for any of my posts.

Depressingly, there generally aren't.

What's the best way to keep one's comments and trackbacks spam-free, without having to manually delete every single dodgy one, and without getting any false-positives?

A side note is that the trackback module isn't great - if I want to send a trackback, I have to manually find the trackback URL and put it in the little textbox - isn't there a nice drupal module that checks all outgoing URLs, and autodiscovers the trackbacks, and pings them? The trackback module that I have installed seems to think that this is what it does, but it has delusions of grandeur, in my opinion.