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Random Acts of Kindness

Today is the midwinter solstice, but it's a beautiful sunny day outside, in the fairest city in the southern hemisphere. However, today is lovely for more reasons than just that.

Adeline works at Primedia broadcasting, which incorporates Kfm, CapeTalk, Highveld and 702. Mel Jones is part of the KFM Breakfast Team (comprising Nic Marais, Mel Jones and the producer Ian Bredenkamp) and every day, she does Random Acts of Kindness as a station feature. Leaving aside the question of whether you can schedule spontaneity, the breakfast team decided to make today, the winter solstice, an official Random Act of Kindness Day.

I think I should just quote Adeline - she puts it best:

They asked listeners to drop off tinned and non-perishable foods at the studios for the homeless as part of Random Act of Kindness day, and the response has been unbelievable - imagine a 5x10m space just FILLED with food, and stuff is still coming in. It might sound like someone puked up a Hallmark store but it really restores your faith in people, seeing that kind of generosity and enthusiasm. So today is lovely because people are lovely and I am happy to be one.

I asked for a photo, and she sent this (click to enlarge):

KFM RaOK donations

She says:

I had to go up to the mezzanine level to get this much in and there's still more outside the frame. You can't see it but to the left is about half the same amount of food as well, it's coming in faster than they can sort it.

Well done, Cape Town!