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O Me Miserum

Since I last wrote anything, five days ago, the following things have happened to me:

  • I had a job interview with Google over the phone.
  • My car got broken into - two windows were smashed and my CD collection was stolen
  • I went to Cape Agulhas and stayed at a backpackers there.
  • I received confirmation that I could move into an awesome little house with two very cool people, quite close to where the old house is.
  • I rescued all my possessions from my house and stashed them at a friend's house, but not before my landlord made another threat to call the police.
  • My laptop ceased to function under mysterious circumstances that may or may not involve me having to pay for a new one, depending on the warranty.
I won't lie, I'm feeling a little hard-done-by. I've had a trying enough time with the whole landlord fiasco - I don't need to rush around trying to get windows fixed and insurance companies to pay up, and at the same time deal with a possible cost of R7000 to replace a laptop. Not to mention being cut off from the world and unable to work while the laptop is away.

It's funny how one reacts when a lot of nasty things happen at once. It gets to the stage where you start thinking that the gods have a personal vendetta against you, and every little thing starts taking on a tinge of persecution. Even spilling your coffee, or having a light turn red just as you get to it, starts you off on a "WHY ME!?" rant.

Things aren't that bad, though. The Google interview was fine - the next round is tomorrow, and it'll be a 45 minute technical grilling. Adeline said I could leave my car with her while I went to Cape Agulhas, and she shopped around and found some windows that were cheaper than the R2600 that she was originally quoted, and had them put in while I was away. Cape Agulhas itself was beautiful and restful and enjoyable - lovely people and a lovely time. Now that I'm back, my laptop will probably be fixed for free on the warranty, and the insurance company are paying up for my windows. I'll be moving into the new place sometime this week. Until then, I'm staying with Adeline. Life goes on.

(What happened on Sunday night, when I went to rescue my possessions from the house, is the topic of another post, some other time. Suffice it to say, I struggled not to burst into tears in front of the landlord. More on that later.)