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Garrulous Grape

Last night was the seventh Cape Town GeekDinner, held at Greens in Plattekloof. For all that it was a bit disorganised, I think it went fairly well. Through a bit of miscommunication we ended up with two projectors, and no screen, so Dave and I made a rushed mission to Pick n' Pay, and came back with a roll of ten white rubbish bags, which we stuck to the wall of the restaurant, which actually worked fairly well.

Ian gave his usual stellar performance, talking about the difference in attitude to change and new technology that geeks and "hippies" (green people, ecowarriors, etc) have. He discussed how common it is for people to make a snap decision, and then find facts to back the choice up, and challenged us to try it the other way round.

Bob Meredith then gave quite an interesting exposition of what one needs to do to have credit card certification, after which we had Darb doing an excellent Karaoke Slideshow on problems with concrete, put together by Tania.

The venue was great - very accomodating, with friendly and efficient staff, and excellent, excellent food. And they let us stick stuff on their walls. Thanks very much to Greens in Plattekloof!

Finally, profuse thanks to Tim from Wired Communications and to Perdeberg winery for supplying us with 30 bottles of very nice wine. They came through at very short notice and we really appreciate it. Please support their Clink-to-win campaign, or order some wine from their website!