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Once again, I am off to California. My company is flying over the eight employees in the Cape Town office who are not already there, so that we can have the whole company together in one place for some training, meetings, and a "year-end" party, before it gets any bigger.

I'll be leaving tomorrow, the 3rd4th of October, and coming back on the 22nd. My birthday is on the 12th, which is Columbus Day (the day Christopher first sighted America), a public holiday in the US, so I'll get a nice long weekend while I'm there. I had a look for some events that are going on while I'm there, although I didn't find many that appealed to me. Neil and I will be visiting some local geeks at the Python User Group and the Linux User Group, for a start. I also noticed that the Kings of Leon are playing while I'm there, as well as... believe it or not... Well, have a look.

If you have any other suggestions for things to do while we're there, let me know. I'm keen to head out of down, do some wine tasting, and maybe even head to Yosemite.

California, here we come!