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Hectic Week

Festival week is now over, and I am absolutely exhausted. Everybody who was here has left now - Jaco and Adeline and Claire, Bridget and Claire, Ross and Claire, the Squash people (one of whom was probably called Claire), etc. I still haven't finished my paper, but I'm getting closer and closer to it. Maybe I'll be able to get some sleep soon?

Another festival has come and gone. I didn't do much festival-wise - I basically went to things that other people invited me to. Giselle, the ballet, with Ingrid, was good, although not as good as Swan Lake last year, I thought. I did see some truly excellent Jazz, Carlo Mombelli on the bass, Marcus Wyatt on the trumpet. I also watched Prime Circle live, which was entertaining. I almost watched the Springbok Nude Girls - arguably South Africa's best band, whom I've been keen to see ever since I stupidly didn't watch them in my first year - but at the last moment, Bridget told me that she was tired after the trip, and wouldn't be going out, so I sold my ticket to Claire-from-Capetown, and went to spend some time with Bridget.

Jaco and Adeline were down for the week. It was great to meet Jaco after knowing of him, and then knowing him, online - he really is an awesome guy, and incredibly bright. It's nice to have connections with various IT people around South Africa, but he's good to have as a friend too. Adeline is a friend of his from Cape Town, who occasionally appears on Lagnet, and she came down with him. It was fantastic to meet her, too: she's incredibly fun, and bright, and all-round good company. Claire is her over-exuberant friend, also from Cape Town, and, while a little scary, also fun.

Bridget left early this morning, having gone to bed at about half-past six yesterday evening. I was a little surprised, and rather disappointed, that she should just disappear so early - she phoned me to say "tired, sick, going to bed, see you next term". She wouldn't even let me go round to say goodbye. Puellae hostes sunt. Ah, well, I know what she's like when she's sick/tired, I don't blame her for throwing in the towel early.

My various digsmates are doing the shift-change, too - some leaving, some arriving back. Jess's brother Ross, and his girlfriend (also Claire), have left, too.

So, all is quietening down - schoolsfest is happening, but that's it. Ingrid has gone to Pretoria, Dave has gone to Knysna, Tim has gone back to Ladybrand (via Zimbabwe?) - it's just cliff, Russell and I left.

I am still tutoring the RUMEP people - it's exhausting, but quite rewarding when they understand something. It finishes on Thursday, praise the Lawd. By then, I will have finished this gawdamn paper, too, and I can relax a little.