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scaleconf We're now accepting talk proposals for ScaleConf 2016! Find all the details at:

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justshiv_ I've started a campaign to fund my @HackReactor journey. Would be SO grateful for your help

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@tell_me_in 1 hour to let @pierre_nel know if his bot works fine.

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@aszyma I wish I'd seen this seven hours ago. I was indeed in SFO. Sorry if I missed you!

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Smoke detector went off for the third time. This is my first American Thanksgiving, but I guess that means we eat now?

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katia75014 "Sir, we're mining too many useless minerals."
Hitler: "Mine less then"
Grammar Nazi bursts in: "MINE FEWER."
Hitler looks over: "Yes?"

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Starbucks Hard Mode: use your Polish housemate's name.

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When Vancouver fireworks so hard that car alarms start going off.

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Every single time I get home...

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kcimc main lesson from facebook news feed study: if you want to significantly manipulate people's emotions, just publish a psychology paper.

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Today I learned: hendiadys (n): the rhetorical device whereby a single idea is expressed more emphatically using...

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BassonWillem @froztbyte what are you presenting next year?

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@froztbyte Final warning before I ask you to leave the conference.

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Kantye_West Now I ain't saying she's a transcendental idealist thinker. But she ain't messin' with no empirical realism!

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@froztbyte We don't do those, sorry.

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amandapalmer no, @Sting has no plans to come to be ninja gig. but i just ran into the chief of staff of the united Nations. and she's coming.

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scaleconf Fascinating stories of scale + beautiful Cape Town in April makes ScaleConf a great conf for international attendees!

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Our conference is live at last!

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Our conference is live at last!

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Extreme sports: pushing the airport cut-off time edition.

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I spent more time stressing over the order of the last two pieces of punctuation in that tweet than in composing it.

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