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December 2010

A quick tequila shot in the office on Christmas Eve before heading back to sob softly into our keyboards...

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@davewiner John Perry Barlow (@JPBarlow, I believe) was quite eloquent on the same subject:

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@MissBCN I'm a little offended about the soy burger.

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davidgerard Drunk Serb kills killer shark. Everyone else in the world is just that little bit less manly today.

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@mrgan Well, technically, it's Angry Birds Who Get Pretty Cheerful After Each Level Ends. Not to mention: technically it's just An Incident.

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@1rene Hope it's great :)

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Sometimes I think that all that these birds are really angry about is how disgustingly shoddy the pigs' architecture skills are.

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@pierre_nel - aggregates diary entries, tweets, foursquare, etc...

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I just discovered @kerry_anne and @1rene hiding in one of the back rooms of our offices. Not sure anybody else knows they're there.

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Filled in my Exclusive Books Fanatics number under "medical aid" for my post-op blood test. I presume I'll get the same amount back.

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Now playing that smash-hit from Kings of Leon: "Your web-based concert ticket booking system is on Fire".

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@VampyreJourno No, I totally get that. I don't keep tequila chilled either.

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Your dreams; the leader; the yellow brick road; me down; that car; #followfriday

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I get that the UK is quite a sunny, temperate country, but it's still surprising how badly a centimetre of snow throws them off kilter.

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Remember those movies that were great when you were young, and suck now? "Groundhog Day" is NOT one of them.

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That is NOT a double!

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Discoveries while getting rid of Movember's mustache: I could never play Adolf Hitler or Charlie Chaplin in a movie.

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