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August 2011

@arbitraryuser Hussar Grill Camps Bay is the best for steak+ambience, Theo's in Green Point is the best steak by far (hat-tip @marcog)

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@gpreezy Paulie caught a bullet, but it only hit his leg, while it should have been a better shot and got him in the head.

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TatsNkonzo Some Malema supporters have damaged a satellite van and media equipment. This is breaking news.

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Mystery & intrigue at Mill St Engen in Gardens! Where are tills 1 and 2? Why start at 3? Who is behind this?! #governmentCoverup #conspiracy

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@qikipedia That looks like an elephant hawkmoth caterpillar?

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If my previous two updates lead you to think that I'm sitting reading Neal Stephenson in a bar on a Sunday night... Well, this is awkward.

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Oh dear. According to the designer of this bar's playlist, Fatboy Slim is totally at home sandwiched between Wham and Tom Jones. Am I old?

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Oh, Mr Stephenson. When you say "shedding lambent effulgence", do you mean, perchance, "glowing" or "shining"?

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@k4y I found it via - it just (predictably) uses ack to find matches, and lets you open the files if you want?

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@k4y the ack plugin or nerdtree are both awesome vim plugins. Unfortunately I instinctively default to a terminal tab instead of using them.

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@marcog the post-writing-code bit: running code! Deployments, provisioning, configuration management, scalability/reliability issues.

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@ads_infinitum You can't honestly think you're the first to think of that?

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It's updates like these that really annoy everyone receiving them, isn't it?

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@QuizNiteCT I *wish* they chopped off the penises of convicted racists. But I'm guessing you actually meant rapists?

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avesse )

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(how to infuriate OCD people

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@ingridsinclair Ah, right, you're lazy, not incompetent :P

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@ingridsinclair If only there were some vast repository of easily accessible information which we could use to check.

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"boutique" (via "apothecary") and "ado" both from Proto-Indo-European dho-/dhe-: (cc @m_lungu)

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Wow, "boutique" and "ado" have the same root-word etymology. Except I think I'm the only person actually excited by that.

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Bachelorhood: trying to work out if your laundry bag is full of dirty clothes, or just clean ones you haven't unpacked from the last batch.

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Hrm. Visiting the dentist isn't as fun as I remember.

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@natfriedman May I? ?

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Helicopter crash at UCT. Facebook and twitter users rush to the scene; news reporters rush to Facebook and twitter...

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