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September 2011

@becsplanb Except the Austral doesn't show on my Twitter client. I'm assuming because Argentina's economy collapsed.

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@becsplanb R€฿€¢¢₳ D₳vi$? (Rand, Euro, Thai Baht, Euro, Cent, Cent, Argentinian Austral, etc)

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FalseBayShark Does anyone ever get that funny feeling that someone is watching you? #FF @SharkSpotters

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FalseBayShark da dum, da dum, dadum dadum dadum dadum dadumdadumdadumtututuuuudadumdadumdadum

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@toast38coza Actually, Apple's HCI guidelines prohibit that.

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clarkekant It would be ironic if someone killed Sean Penn with a sword.

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ads_infinitum Thanks, Cape Town. With no power comes no responsibility.

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That's a funny shaped cloud out in the direction of Koeberg.

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945Kfm Latest on power outage: city of ct says it is eskom-related. most of western cape impacted. Listen to @ewnupdates at 12pm for more

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DarrenRavens Sorry about the power failure CPT. My toaster is a bit old (used to belong to Granny) and seems to have tripped a few circuits. My bad...

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You know it's the Future when Cape Town loses power, and everybody immediately hits the twitters and the face books about it.

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You know it's Monday when you have to explain your jokes to all the nitpickers on Twitter and Facebook.

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You know it's Monday when you're halfway through a shower and you can't remember whether you washed your hair yet.

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@QuizNiteCT Easy one: President of the United States of America - one of the four who have been assassinated.

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nuknad #chef ~ play-dough, easy to create what your mind conceives. #puppet ~ a brick, solid foundations, but needs planning and attention.

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@dadaoist In India, South Africa, Hong Kong and, of course, the UK, it's conventional to use imperial shit-tons, but both are acceptable.

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@megangodsell I would be put out too. Why would you make him do that?

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@van_berger The ones that you only have to take once a week give you funky dreams. Not sure whether that's a favourable side effect or not.

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@NoxvilleZA Having troubles with the concept of "south" there?

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I don't think you get to say "hello stranger" in any sense other than the purely literal, given we've met twice and I can't recall your name

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These mosquitoes have a pool to see which one can make me slap myself hardest. So far, the only loser is me.

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@m_lungu It's not. Puns are the best. I said JUST assonance replacements. Simply spewing rhymes-with-eye words cheapens the whole exercise.

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inthefade There are more people tweeting about people tweeting about Facebook changes than people tweeting about Facebook changes.

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nicedream People who want to make a difference: Please work faster and harder.

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ryanqnorth Does anyone else's phone ever have this weird bug where the internet's really boring and then you get sad

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@Kerry_Gordon HAH! Brilliant, Miss Marple! (And yarboosucks to all those "they're at the bakery" types.)

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alias colourdiff=colordiff

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Nifty dropbox-like app to automatically sync your flickr/facebook/googledocs/etc data with your desktop: Way cool!

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markleggett Do seagulls ever wake up in the morning and take a moment to gather their thoughts, or do they just go straight into seagull stuff?

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@chrischameleon Turtle doves remind me of Duv Mafia. Less monkey business, let's get to the point.

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@kerry_anne (Well done on the Star Trek reference, anyway.)

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@kerry_anne The correct collective noun is "a saunter of Storm Troopers"

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@qikipedia Why are there shadows being cast to the left by the apparently "poking inwards" bits, at 19 seconds in on that video?

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@SciHackCPT @michael_w_wolf @carolune @sciencehackday Ohi. What's the status of the SciHack in CT? I can bring CLUG and GeekDinner people.

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Read the second paragraph of "Songwriting and recording process":

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More Freddie Mercury: released six weeks before he died:

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Happy Birthday, Freddie Mercury.

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This Judicial Service Commission interview is a lot more entertaining if you read "DJ" instead of "CJ". ("God wants me to be a DJ") #JSC

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