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November 2011

scaleconf ScaleConf signups are now open! Come see some world-class speakers in one of the most beautiful cities in the world:

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Tomorrow, I get the hell out of work and Cape Town, and go and spend two days in Hermanus, by myself, doing a whole bunch of nothing.

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Must make some Road Tunes for my trip tomorrow. All I have in the car is a scratched Infected Mushroom CD (it skips, but you don't notice).

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helenzille Motion to withdraw secrecy bill lost by 222 votes to 107 with 2 abstentions. ANC says it moves the Bill "with the greatest pleasure"#fb

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Protesting the Secrecy Bill at the houses of parliament...

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The peregrine falcon's name and the word "pilgrim" are both derived from per+ager: "beyond the land" ('ager' is also found in "agriculture")

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SMBC has a message for both the South African and the American governments this #BlackTuesday:

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Amazing how, in this modern age, with so many varied ways to communicate, some obstinate old diehards are still only available via Twitter.

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@6000 And now you know why you should sign up for @lessfuss: - they've helped me with similar things dozens of times!

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@m_lungu Finding it difficult to visualize "fist-thrusting, crotch-grabbing, middle-finger-extending "USA!"-chanting" with only two arms.

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marcog Rallying up some awesome speakers for @scaleconf in Cape Town. If things go well, we'll have 2 from Facebook. :)

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By the way, remember how you felt when you listened to The Wall ten years ago? Turns out, it still works.

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@CTNoonGun Your claims of punctuality don't really fit the facts:

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Surreal: overhearing the owner of this restaurant and his friend at the next table compare the income and waste expenses of their places.

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rayleee Do Americans realise that tomorrow is 11/11/11 and not 11/11/11?

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Achievement unlocked: opened a bottle of wine with a shoe.

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It's easier to order it in a restaurant, but by golly nowhere near as satisfying.

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If you have to put a sign up telling people not to take books from the book donation cart, you may have already lost this particular battle.

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@TheTudorCD Soundhound ( says it's "Professor Kliq - The Most Beautiful Day" and agrees.

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The composer Haydn's burial was 145 years long, and he was buried with two heads. Huh. (via @ads_infinitum)

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AnandWrites Shh. A secret: World is not really in #crisis. It's just the next world being born. Here's who's inventing it:

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More like Iron and WHINE, am I right?

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Just got a phone reminder from three-weeks-ago-me. Confused present-day-me really wishes three-weeks-ago-me was better at communication.

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@Bardellis coming for dinner tonight - get your gnocchi on!

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Slate Go to and type, "do a barrel roll." Now.

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YouTube Welcoming @YouTube's newest languages, Afrikaans and IsiZulu

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@adrianmoisey that looks about the same amount of fun.

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*Really* struggling with the extra 's' on this restaurant sign right now. Get it together, Jonathan! They might have meant it to be plural!

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nuknad #devops days in cape town, south africa. looking for speakers, sponsors or people interested in helping out. ping me

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@yodelmachine I always thought it was a nod to Herbert Hoover (a la Civilization's "Your leadership inspired them to name a slug after you")

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In the USA, they're called "hoovers" after a pioneer in household appliances. Here, they're "vacuums" after the way they DESTROY YOUR EARS.

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@rebka_h if my pithy wit is not enough to keep you enthralled, why not try following some others?

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