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December 2011

I see your full Christmas repertoire is in play, with everything from "Winter Wonderland" to... um, "Like The Deserts Miss The Rain"...?

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@nrgza Man, you even had macaroons. You thought of *everything*.

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@jcreter British style is also called "logical style". Because it's the style that actually makes sense. (Also see: )

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I'm guessing that the guy that just answered after forty or so rings to tell me that everyone had gone home at 10am must be the janitor?

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That's the fifteenth rendition of "Little Drummer Boy" I've heard being played in the tenth shop in a row-pa-po-po.

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@TashJoeZA I seem to remember it being something like this:

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Well, that is just the worst wrapped present in the world.

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Getting all my Christmas shopping done from my couch with @lessfuss.

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@hijinksensue It *is* good. Thank you. (And I am sorry for any comments that escape my filter.)

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@hijinksensue Do you step back before each reply? Because seriously (and I also try to try hard) my within-two-minutes reactions are *mean*.

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The way @hijinksensue handles the comments on gives me more respect for him than his comics ever did (which was a lot)

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@adtothebone wine, cinnamon sticks, cloves, optional honey/syrup/brown sugar, apple/raisins/currants, heat, stir, don't boil, drink

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Taking the middle urinal? Not cool, dude.

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Dubstep-free since 9:03.

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@bobwakfer Your father is entitled to his opinions. However, your father's opinions are WRONG.

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wessven @vhata Seriously, some things are just too important to not do yourself.

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My cleaning lady keeps putting the toilet paper in hanging UNDER, not over. I think she's trying to kill me.

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@warwickp Single-track! I've never enjoyed having to choose between speakers. You'll get to see all the talks from all the speakers.

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I think it's a good world where the youtube video for Chopin's Nocturne Op 9 No 2 has nearly 7 million views.

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scaleconf Upvote us on Hacker News - help spread the word!

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@Aslam_Levy @6000 Sounds like they (and most South African companies) would do well to send their technical team to

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Guys, wasabi and avocado may look the same on the sushi plate, but they really are not.

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scaleconf Ticket sales for ScaleConf zipping along smartly - don't forget to get yours while it's still earlybird!

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@chrischameleon And since you use an iPhone, this might be useful too:

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