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February 2012

Currently googling: "How to eat a hand roll" with special interest in the 3rd entry: "How to eat sushi without being laughed at by the chef"

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@timkeller @__leroux @adrianrossouw @nodecpt High fives and group hugs all round. This has been fun.

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@__leroux @adrianrossouw @NodeCPT This old thing only seems to do VGA... Hopefully @timkeller can sort it out?

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@NodeCPT @adrianrossouw You still need the Yola projector? DVI or VGA?

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@darb If everybody gets treated as special, then nobody is special. Maybe you should read up on the definition of "special"?

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@peterkleinct @gpreezy It's pretty good - large pieces, fresh sushi, although a tad more expensive than most. Try the sweet kiss.

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Did you know that it's possible to learn both that you need a drink, and that you can DM yourself on twitter, at exactly the same instant?

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NodeCPT We have announced a #NodeCPT meetup on 1st of March. @__leroux will be giving a pragmatic intro to #nodejs. for info

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Last mindboggling tweet from

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"She was offered the chance to direct This is Spinal Tap, but turned it down, thinking it wasn't possible to make fun of heavy metal."

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imsickofmaps Do developers in Cape Town want to increase their biz skills or partner with non-coders who are stronger in that area?

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@holman And ain't it the most beautiful sight when it's not rushing up towards you and gaining speed at 32 feet/s/s?

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@singe And I just replied to that, but I think it got eaten by your blosxom?

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@imsickofmaps Yes, absolutely they do. But not if it means having to deal with that sort of person.

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@imsickofmaps Well, yes, why would we want to engage people that do nothing but talk about how "we" need to do stuff?

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@imsickofmaps Typical @SiliconCape talking about needing to act, instead of acting. While the rest of us are busy actually, y'know, acting.

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@chrischameleon It does have another meaning, if you google "santorum" (see )

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WhatTheFFacts The sentence "I never said she stole my money" has 7 different meanings depending on the stressed word.

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@Jaco_van_Wyk And are you going to waste it like you wasted that one?

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@heavychef Your last seven tweets are slightly ambiguous. Who, exactly, is speaking at the next HeavyChef, so we can be sure?

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@__leroux it's just a meetup for beer and conversation (like yours) - why not do the nodejs thing there at codebridge?

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@__leroux Dude, nasty clash with the next Codebridge happy hour - why don't you guys come do your thing there?

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"Have you lived here your entire life?" "... well, no, not yet!"

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I hate it when a form says "permanent residential address". I'm allowed to move later, right? What if my flat burns down?!

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Ihnatko Page 5 of the judge's knockdown of Prop 8 states the wrongness of same-sex marriage prohibition exquisitely.

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@pharkmillups and I'd organize an entire one-track developer-focused event to get awesome people like you guys out here again

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@kelkulus Any sentence can be improved if you add "all over my face!" to the end of it, all over my face!

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simonsinek How do you write your org's rules? Tell people what they are allowed to do.

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Pretty sure the guy at the next table with earphones in doesn't realize the sound is coming out of his laptop speakers. Cool tune, though.

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[✓] Pick up laundry. And that's Saturday, folks - we'll call it a wrap. See you tomorrow!

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@secretsquirrel GitHub's Hubot already obeys the "mustache me" command:

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scaleconf We'd really appreciate any feedback you might have on #ScaleConf - please fill in this form if you have any comments:

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Yeah, I'm the guy working on python at the ruby conference.

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Sven Fuchs's glorious, glorious mustache makes his very impassioned open source advocacy that much more compelling. #rubyfuza

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@holman @atmos GET IN A CAB, MAN. (Glad you made it.)

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@atmos @holman Fer chrissakes, are you home yet?

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To the baby at the next table who won't stop screaming, and just cries and cries its heart out: I get you, man. Feel the same way sometimes.

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warwickp @Hum4n Fine. I'll simplify. SA accent = log[AU / NZ] / sin[DE * NL] * tan[GB / BE] + floor[BE] * π + L - 0.25. Clearer?

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