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March 2012

RobStuttaford @vhata Actually, you've just started working for a new cat.

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I seem to have stolen somebody's cat.

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@__leroux re: your responsive images, if you haven't seen it already:

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@TashJoeZA it's the third person ablative possessive or something? In any case, "rely on her" (because you don't rely on she to survive).

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@marcog Pratley putty went to the moon, CAT scans were invented by a South African, and the speed gun used in cricket is SA as well

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@marcog Dolos and the Kreepy Krauly, to start

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@ixhd You gonna do that at the same time as the "I'm gonna shower with someone sexy for a week" one?

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A quick reminder to get you through the rest of the week:

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I wonder how long it will take for the Oxford and Webster dictionaries to change the spelling of "winning" to the more common "#winning".

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@singe It means "by which", not "where". The great unwashed masses think it's a posher way of saying "where" though -

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I guess the nozzle *could* have slipped down to chest height, but I prefer the theory that midgets broke in to use my shower while I was out

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Put the slides from my Cape Town Ruby Brigade talk on "DevOps and Chef" up at

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That thing where you mention something you're doing and everyone on the internet tells you their own better way of doing it.

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That feeling you get when you open all the international airline sites in your browser and start perusing dates and prices.

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Road Rage-ret (n) Feeling like an utter turd after verbally lashing out at a (probably very nice) complete stranger/car simply for existing.

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@GideonLeGrange That's my standpoint currently too - my position hasn't changed in the slightest over time.

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@warwickp Yeah, I had no idea that I was an authority on Toilet Paper and Mustaches either.

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@pierre_nel Back Door unlocked! (I see you even geo-tagged it.)

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@pharkmillups Congratulations, that's fantastic :) @kmull couldn't find a nicer guy.

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@KateWilsonZA Nice new twitter username. Now your identity is tied to your geography instead of your workplace! Excellent!

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