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April 2012

Giants vs Padres, AT&T Baseball Park. American traditions are unintelligible.

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@zefrank You mean "Bear having the best time on a trampoline at its fourth birthday party (sponsored by the U.S. National Park Service)" ?

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darb I know how you joburgers can really give SANRAL the finger: use public transport and car pool. That will teach those dicks.

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@atmos Three weeks (May 12) - I'd be super keen for a beer or four if you're free.

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I survived the cold in San Francisco yesterday, but not the torrent of "you're wearing shorts!" comments.

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@simondlr Having breakfast! Didn't I make that clear? ;-)

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Breakfast at Facebook HQ - slightly better than lunch was at Google HQ (@ Facebook HQ w/ 7 others)

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At Facebook headquarters - "The Hacker Company" @ Facebook HQ (Menlo Park)

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New startup idea: installing hot and cold water taps in showers in the Bay Area. You're welcome.

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Finally (@ San Francisco International Airport (SFO) w/ 82 others)

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I'm at Heathrow. Where is Gate TBA?

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Happy Independence Day, Zimbabwe @ Zimbabwe House

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Google Lunch (@ Google UK w/ 2 others) [pic]:

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I appear to have arrived in California almost a week early?

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And before you ask, yes, she is polish. (And sweep, and vacuum. And even make the bed!)

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My sister's cleaning lady is a white girl called Camilla. MY RACIAL STEREOTYPES ARE BEING CHALLENGED, GUYS.

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True Fact: the real motivation behind British colonialism was their desire to get away from the awful plumbing on this island.

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Wow, York. You are really beautiful.

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@pharkmillups something something something beer something April 21st - May 12th (cc: @nuknad)

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@coda Buy me and @nuknad a beer and we'll call it evens?

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True Fact: they won't stamp your passport unless you've been to at least one British pub called "The Red Lion".

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@warwickp Actually, I sent that from outside, after fully enjoying the painting in quiet contemplation. Present tense was poetic license.

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Guys GUYS! Guys! I'm actually looking at actual "Sunflowers" by actual Vincent van Gogh! Omg you guys!

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And three minutes later, here they are, putting it out. Well done, London.

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Calling 999 to report rubbish bins that are on fire is a normal tourist thing to do while in London, right?

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@ripienaar - I could definitely be keen to fit in a beer sometime?

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The London Borough Market vendors really make you value the amount of time they put into coming up with the puns in their stall names.

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Two hour stop over in Amsterdam. Find me a windmill or something. (@ Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) w/ 56 others)

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Why don't they just put a Bloody Mary in your hand as you walk through passport control? Honestly.

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@darb @rianvdm I heard megagram were going to be bought by MySpace for a score of shillings.

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@RianVDM @darb There's nothing olden-times about the metric system, America.

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@KateWilsonZA Alas, not. Neeeext next Saturday only.

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@KateWilsonZA Yes, I know - there is a clash with our mutual hostess.

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Cellular technology really ruined rhyming "phone" with "not at home" for song-writers.

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1. Empty clean laundry onto floor
2. Pour glass of wine
3. Read about Facebook buying Instagram
4. Tweet about packing
5. Pack?

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Remember last time I was packing to go to San Francisco and you all recommended I make a list? Yeah, I should have done that.

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poikat9 100-teabag box; 3 foil packs inside. How do they divide them up? Or are they LYING?

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From the responses, seems South Africa's national debt could be wiped if all the spare Oyster cards in Cape Town were sent back for cash.

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Does anybody in Cape Town have an Oyster Card to lend me? I have ten days of tubing around London coming up in a week's time...

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