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June 2012

Trevor Manuel is sitting at the table next to us. I feel like walking up and fist-bumping him and saying "I totally pay my taxes!"

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It's difficult for me to express myself properly without an animated gif, that's all.

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It's difficult for me to properly express myself without an animated gif, that's all.

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IamEnidColeslaw #WhatMostWomenWant giant cyborg arms

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So, @github chose the element to name their $650 plan based on their long-standing fascination with the capital of Sweden. RIGHT, @holman ?

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Very nervous about messing with the empty milk-carton collection in the fridge at work. Somebody has put effort into that thing.

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@robertfall Do you know about ? It semi-clashes with the iOS meetup, and seems like it'd be good for iOS meetuperers?

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@holman Happy (3**3)'th birthday to the (3**2)'th GitHubber - have a blast.

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@RianVDM @alexmaughan @ixhd That would be "on the bogs". The best time for reading, and playing Words With Friends.

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What? It's medicinal.

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@smn +1 for @ndorfin - I can provide glowing references on work ethic, teamplayerness, and breadth, as well as on his actual skill.

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@milesward Maybe "little girl's blanket fort" is more accurate.

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@milesward This one is to hide in while I recover from flu, so anything above a slight murmur will be more than I can bear.

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@danpaulson Imma put my head under my duvet and eat spinach salad

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Building a man-cave.

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So, if you're waiting in the Computicket virtual ticket queue, just hit to jump straight to the front. Hat tip to @za5.

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You searched for "squirrel". Related searches: "squirrels with guns".

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michaeljoseph Among our weaponry are such diverse elements as:

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Inquisition: @GitHub organization user stats, with rankings and pull requests! Demo: Source:

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Receive calendar invitation from HR to indicate the day I'm on leave. Now what? Do I click accept? I'm *not* going to be there! Argh! #OCD

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Try explain to a curious waitress what the Octocat sticker on your laptop/phone means. "It's a company... called @github... it's... stuff."

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@smn If you can find a Grolsch lover, those bottles make excellent re-sealable containers?

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@paulgilowey If you love them, let them go. If they come back to you, they are yours. If they don't, they never were.

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Heyooooo. I'm going to Bulgaria. (And Serbia and Croatia and Italy and Sicily and Greece.)

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pierre_nel "New maps icon is pretty but will kill you"

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@pipeweed I cannot find him in GMBC 1 or 2 - I've skimmed through both entire films in ten second intervals. Urban legend?

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The movie "Home Alone" was released almost 22 years ago.

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DIY_Beer Goodies just arrived from @BeerLabSA Thanks for the awesome and speedy service!

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AlanAlston Oh good. I've been wondering for years what my LinkedIn password is.

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Brilliant 20 minute watch: Everything is broken - Seth Godin -

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@peterpza Really awesome app. What that reddit guy said. Totally worth 99c.

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