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October 2012

@rlovinger You and @kerry_anne are playing Catan without me, aren't you? AREN'T YOU?

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Auspices boding a good day ahead: toast pops up at precisely the instant the kettle boils.

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ndorfin Do you know anyone in Cape Town who is really passionate about Front-end dev, HTML, CSS, JS, etc? If so, send them to

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Taste-testing your milk's age: The Most Dangerous Game.

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@JannieMom Some people shouldn't be allowed to tweet. Go and put a dollar in the douchebag jar.

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guy_with_camera the trouble with being punctual in cape town is that there's often nobody there to appreciate it.

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brb getting a cat.

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@dbrady Directory listing: echo * ;;
cat: while read f; do echo $f; done < file ;;
Process list: /proc/*/cmdline ;;

and on and on...

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@darb That sounds like the only reason to drink them so far.

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wilw Flight Control needs more mohawk.

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Ah, the fist bump, for when you really don't want to shake a beggar's hand.

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@steve_edwards52 That worked! Thank you, and welcome to twitter!

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WstonesOxfordSt The real winner of the Nobel Prize for literature is easy spoonerisms.

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littleidea 'he was the Dunning to my Kruger'

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how2karma: google bug, find stackoverflow match with no answers, find and fix bug, submit github pull request, post answer on stackoverflow.

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@darb You might need to take it up with Robert Zemeckis.

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