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November 2012

Reading wikipedia by skimming through the blue links only.

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@RianVDM @ixhd He needs to move back to Cape Town. Joburg makee angry.

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@TashJoeZA just for you, the Buffy Episode Guide in limerick form:…

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codebridge We have a SuperHappyDevHouse day coming up on Nov 17. Info @… come hack, learn and socialise with us!

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Today I learned! Garfield (the comic) used to run a free webmail service for fans, on the domain -…

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The typographical closeness of "furries" to "curries" can give hilarious (and often accurate) results.

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@kerry_anne You go with CheetahCon, you're gonna get furries. CheetahConf at least?

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@rlovinger @kerry_anne @FireEnjn @ndorfin @paulgilowey The more specifics I learn about That Catan Evening, the more I feel betrayed.

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