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June 2013

scaleconf The videos that we have so far are up at… - check them out if you missed the conference, or want to recap.

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Amazon are normally "excited to announce" new AWS services. How come they are only "pleased" about SQS/SNS Large Payloads? Hmm? WHAT GIVES?

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@holman Sorry for being anal. Pet peeve! (Awesome post btw)

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@holman Dude. AddictIVE. Addict*ive*. C'mon.

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@blaix Yeah, I often wake up with new tattoos, or, like, an alpaca, or whatever. You get used to the blank patches after a while.

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@cooleojuleo And that's why I'll be spending the extra in future. Lesson learned! :)

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@cooleojuleo Because you have to spend half an hour cutting shreds of meat off breast bones and cartilage. I didn't sign up for that!

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@stumbleiner Nope, not even that. There was literally nothing good about them.

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So that's why "chicken breasts" are a quarter of the price of "chicken breast fillets".

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UnlikelyWorlds Iain Banks, RIP. A big bright bold boisterous light has gone out.

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(I'm kidding, @secretsquirrel, it's one of my favourite posts so far. Reading a recognizable brand of humour in a different place is great.)

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All excited that I got an email from @secretsquirrel, but it was just some guy on listserve with the same name and not nearly as much wit.

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