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August 2013

Single-serving hatred for the stranger in front of you in the queue.

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@sheldonh You didn't have to be a Coldplay fan, or like the way Chris Martin dresses, but you could still go and see a great show.

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@aslamkhn Stallman on "A Free Digital Society", Thursday, Sept 5, at UCT:… (I tweeted yesterday if you want to RT)

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@simonstewart @wessven @aslamkhn We have 52 signups for the Cape Town event so far - I honestly thought more people would care.

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Richard Stallman, the father of Free Software, is speaking at UCT on Thursday evening. Free event, sign up here:…

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arbitraryuser If you're in Cape Town right now, have a look at this photo to remind yourself that it does get better.…

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scaleconf Check out @dalehumby's excellent talk on hardware testing and continuous delivery, "Scaling into African markets":…

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"Wet floor" signs are the funnest signs.

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scaleconf Re-live @milesward's ScaleConf talk on "Little teams with big results" - the video is up here:…

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scaleconf If you missed @imsickofmaps's fun "I started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left", we have your back:…

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