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September 2013

Vancouver right now: Twelfth Night, Act 5, Scene 1, line 386

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Good morning, Vancouver.

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Poor Telkom callcenter drone. "Okay, I'm going to cancel the line, when are you leaving?" "About 4pm." "... TODAY?"

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"If you wish to upgrade your Telkom line, press 3. If you wish to cancel, press 4 so we can put you on hold FOREVER."

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Presenting: the entirety of all Jonathan's worldly possessions.

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It's good to know that you can always go to YouTube and search for "here hold my beer and watch this".

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@freddienew I picked a ten hour stopover in London on purpose!

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Okay, so, official announcement: at the end of this month I leave Cape Town for Vancouver, to go work for Facebook as a Production Engineer.

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@ads_infinitum @texburgher The rationale for subsidizing healthy lifestyles is obvious - you pay out less (and gyms give you kickbacks).

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@ads_infinitum @texburgher So we have "medical aid" which is just a scheme TOTES NOT INSURANCE GUYS, if you pay them, they'll pay you back.

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@ads_infinitum @texburgher I think "health insurance" is unconstitutional in South Africa (poor people -> poorer health -> higher premiums)?

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